Case Studies


Case Study
Improve Retention, Reduce Turnover and Standardize Education for NICU Nurses
March 13, 2019

Hiring nurses at Providence St. Joseph Health was no problem but keeping them was another story. The system’s turnover rate for first-year graduate RNs (residents) rose to about 21 percent and the use of agency RNs had hit an all-time high. NICU nursing leadership recognized they needed to act to improve nurse retention and education.

Case Study
Standardizing Pediatric Care Education Across A Large Health System
June 1, 2018

This case study outlines how Mercy Health used Pediatric Learning Solutions' standardized education to improve care for children across its four-state system.

Case Study
Standardized Curriculum Decreases Length of Nurse Onboarding in the NICU
May 4, 2018

This case study outlines how Swedish Medical Center developed a new onboarding curriculum that reduced NICU orientation cost and time.

Case Study
Targeted Intervention to Improve Wellness of Hospital Employees with Hypertension
April 12, 2018

St. Jude leaders revealed the best ways to help their staff stay healthy through a data-driven approach using the Claims and Health Analytics Resource Tool (CHART).

Case Study
Using Data to Evaluate a Direct Contract Offer for Joint Replacements
March 13, 2018

See how a children’s hospital used data to help determine benefits of a joint replacement proposal for hospital employees. The team looked at cost comparison of post-acute care service options.

Case Study
Creating a Staged Approach to Critical and Acute Care Orientation
July 26, 2016

This case study outlines how Lurie Children's Hospital is simplifying learning pathways to improve competencies and retention of new nurses caring for complex patients.

Case Study
Transitioning Employees to a High-deductible Health Plan
July 5, 2016

Learn how one large hospital system secured employee adoption of its new high-deductible health plan and saved millions in benefit costs.

Case Study
Combining Benefit and Biometric Data Can Provide Powerful Insights for Hospitals
June 28, 2016

A look at one hospital's data revealed unexpected correlations and clear targets for improving employee health and reducing benefit costs.

Case Study
Patient Encounter Data Helps Identify Opportunities to Improve Clinical Effectiveness
June 8, 2015

Learn how one hospital prototyped an approach to clinical effectiveness and improved care for Tetralogy of Fallot patients.

Case Study
Tiered PICU Orientation Gets New Nurses to Patient Bedside Faster
March 3, 2015

See how hospital educators at Children's Mercy in Kansas City, Missouri, improved the quality and effectiveness of their PICU orientation program.